the longest breakup

I am so tired of being an ass-hole
i am so tired of being a jerk
i am so tired of being not good enough for your friend or girl friend or family
i am so tired of keep dissapointing you
i am so tired of not being able to satisfy your needs.

let's break up
let's break up again
let's break up any number of times until it's really broken

let's hurt each other so that there is no blood left
let's destroy each other completely so that we have zero hope no more

we were friends
we were lovers
we were best friends
we were business partners
we were family
i thought when we die, we would be together...

but now it seems broken.
i wanted to be friends with you so
but some how it seems impossible

every single moves of mine
every single words of mine
get on your nerves and you get hurt or pissed of
and i can't seem to fix it

now i just want to quit,
i want to become a devil
pure evil person so that you can hate me without any hesitation.
hate me so that you can leave me with no regret

when i am around you
i can't help to see
how selfish and ugly i am
you are my dirty mirror

now i just want to break it and walk away
for forever
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